These are a few of the guitars we've built over the last few years. You will see a variety of styles and options.




This is a Tala Alyse with zebra pickups, quilt maple top, ebony fingerboard with custom inlay, finished in a cherry burst.


This Lycan has a spalted Ash top and a candy orange body. The rosewood fingerboard has white MOP wolf inlay by Wei Kuang-Hui. The three Wendigo™ single coil pickups are direct mounted with no rings or pickguard to show off the top. An N-Tune onboard tuner and cream knobs match the cream binding.



This Lycan has a California Redwood Burl top, a black gloss body and a scalloped rosewood fingerboard with abalone dot inlay. Two Wendigo™ single coils and a humbucker at the bridge. 5-way switching splits the coils on the humbucker and puts the front coil in parallel with the middle pickup. There is no binding.


This Phoenix is special, with a bookmatched top and back. Two identical pieces of spalted maple sandwich the lightweight paulownia body. Gold hardware, Gotoh tuners, a six-saddle bridge and white binding with white/black/white/black purfling.


California Redwood Burl top, natural finish on the body, and ebony fingerboard with Tala wolf inlay by Wei Kuang-Hui. This guitar has a Babicz® Full Contact Bridge, abalone knobs and 4-way switching that gives you the neck pickup, neck and bridge in parallel, neck and bridge in series, and bridge.


A figured Walnut top, cream binding with black/white purfling, Tala wolf inlay by Wei Kuang-Hui, and a Hipshot B-Bender make this a country player's dream.

"Planet Rock"

Spalted maple top, black binding on the copper body, N-Tune onboard tuner and custom inlay depicting the sun and planets of our solar system by Wei Kuang-Hui.


Grafted walnut top, cherry body and white binding. Abalone inlay knobs, maple/ebony pickguard and custom inlay by Wei Kuang-Hui.


This Gryphon has a thick spalted maple top with custom binding between the top and body. One piece maple neck, abalone knob inlay, and two Wendigo™ bass pickups.


This Lycan was built for Mark "Scooter" Parker in Trempealeau, Wisconsin. Mark and his band are a fixture at the country's largest Oktoberfest every year, so he needed a "Festercaster!" Spalted maple top, gold MOP maple leaf inlay, white binding with black/white purfling and three Wendigo™ single coils.


This heavy hitting bass features bookmatched cocobolo top and back over lightweight paulownia. This guitar is equipped with EMG pickups and a Fender bridge.

Spirit Eagle

This guitar was built for a child. 24 inch scale neck, 3/4 scale body, carved maple top, cherryburst finish.


Built for the lead singer of the band Takedown. Spalted maple top, custom inlay by Wei Kuang-Hui and two Wendigo™ Humbuckers.



An early attempt at carving a radical body. Poplar body, HSS pickup configuration.


"The Panties"

This Lycan was built for the band The Panties to give as a tribute to their guitar player while he was undergoing chemo. He likes his guitars black and simple. Black urethane finish over a paulownia body.


Spalted maple in cherryburst with no binding. Built for a friend who collects guitars.

Lycan "Ghost"

This Lycan is equipped with Graph Tech Ghost™ piezo saddles. This gives a great acoustic tone that can be separate or blended with the output from the magnetic pickups. This guitar also has the Acousti-phonic preamp and the Hexpander MIDI interface with a standard 13-pin output in addition to the stereo output jack. When used with a Roland or Axxon MIDI converter you can produce almost any sound!

"Festercaster" Headstock


This is the headstock for the "Festercaster." Most Tala guitars come with a matching headstock veneer or a figured maple veneer.


"Markocaster" Headstock


You can get virtually anything on your guitar. Get creative! This "Markocaster' was built for guitar virtuoso Mark Abbott. Notice that the Fender script actually says "Abbott."


Wolf Inlay in Abalone

A close of of the Tala wolf inlay by Wei Kuang-Hui.


Custom Planet Inlay

A closeup of the planet inlay by Wei Kuang-Hui.


"Takedown" Inlay

A closeup of the Takedown inlay by Wei Kuang-Hui.



Tala Alyse Headstock


A double-neck Lycan in progress!